Positioning POKKA and Its CEO Rex Macaskill as a Thought Leader Championing DEI+S

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POKKA, a leading F&B wellness company, teamed up with KVUR to boost its reputation in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Sustainability (DEI+S). The goal was to position POKKA and its Group CEO, Rex Macaskill, as thought leaders in DEI+S, ensuring impactful initiatives and strong online presence.


  1. Elevate CEO Branding
  2. Develop a Tangible DEI+S Plan
  3. Secure Media Coverage
  4. Enhance Communications
  5. Build Strategic Partnerships
  6. Increase Online Exposure


CEO Branding and Media Engagement:

  • Secured interviews for Rex Macaskill with top media outlets in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Positioned Rex as a DEI+S thought leader through strategic talking points and media engagements.
  • Boosted Rex’s online presence with targeted digital campaigns and social media.


DEI+S Strategy Development:

  • Created a solid DEI+S plan with clear, measurable goals for a one-year rollout.
  • Set up communication pillars for consistent messaging both internally and externally.


Partnership with LeadWomen:

  • Facilitated a partnership with LeadWomen for advisory and training services.
  • Organised events in Singapore and Malaysia, in partnership with AUDI, to showcase POKKA’s DEI+S initiatives.


Internal and External Communication:

  • Developed internal communications to get POKKA employees on board with DEI+S initiatives.
  • Launched social media campaigns to share POKKA’s efforts and impact with the public.
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  • Enhanced Reputation: Positioned Rex Macaskill and POKKA as DEI+S leaders, with significant media coverage.
  • Tangible DEI+S Plan: Rolled out a clear DEI+S strategy with measurable goals.
  • Strategic Partnership: Utilised LeadWomen’s expertise to drive effective DEI+S initiatives.
  • Engaged Workforce: Fostered a culture of inclusivity and sustainability within POKKA.
  • Public Awareness: Increased public recognition of POKKA’s DEI+S efforts.
  • Online Exposure: Boosted Rex Macaskill’s online presence as a DEI+S leader through digital campaigns and social media engagement.



KVUR’s strategic efforts have significantly pushed forward POKKA’s DEI+S goals, improving both internal culture and public reputation. By increasing online exposure for Rex Macaskill, we’ve further established him and POKKA as thought leaders in the DEI+S space.