Launch teenage lenses as a universe for virtual avatars and their fans


Work 09

The Brief

ACUVUE® wanted to launch, Bubble Pop Laboratory (BPL), its coloured contact lens range for teenagers in China. In a highly saturated market where there was endless supply of innovative coloured contact lenses by local brands, how could ACUVUE® lure the fickle Gen Z audience to make BPL their preferred choice.

Work 10

The Solution

Instead of launching a campaign, we launched a whole universe where teenagers could live out their dreams through our lenses in a virtual world. The Bubble Pop Universe.

The BPL range came in two variants of 3 colours each – pastel and neon. We created two Avatars – Pastel Bubble and Neon Bubble – each with their unique styles – Pastel, with a sweet, trendy KPOP look and Neon, with an edgier Hiphop look. As influencers in the Bubble Pop Metaverse, they created a unique trend with their style, hobbies and special deals. Consumers visited new worlds via lens purchase and social share. The packaging was also revamped to reflect this new look.

The Bubble Pop Universe was launched in a way that made young teenage girls in China sit up and pay attention – via a TikTok challenge with dance moves choreographed uniquely for Pastel and Neon by top star Franklin and music created by No1 Music Producer Lutra.

A CRM programme was built around it with AR and VR elements built in to reward consumers by letting them unlock new worlds and experience unique offers and experiences in these worlds.

Teenagers hang out in groups – and buy what their peers promote on social. Leveraging this behaviour, we created AR experiences that could only be unlocked in groups inside the Bubble Pop Universe.

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The Results

  • More than just a cosmetic lens, Bubble Pop became a lifestyle trend.
  • A launch became a lucrative CRM programme.
  • The lowest price point lens for ACUVUE® demonstrated the highest interest and conversion.
  • Bubble Pop Universe became the first lens brand to introduce a CRM within a Metaverse environment event before the term was officially coined.