Boost Your In-House Creative Team with KVUR

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KVUR now offers support for your in-house creative team.

As more companies build in-house agencies, we know you want to get the most out of your team.

To help with this, KVUR provides half-day training sessions with industry experts at affordable rates. Our aim is to boost the productivity, knowledge, effectiveness, and creativity of your team.

Training Topics Include:

  • Best AI Tools for Creatives
  • AI-Powered Consumer Insights
  • Brand Building in the Age of AI
  • Developing Content Strategies
  • Future Trends

Each session gives your team practical skills they can use right away.

We also offer engaging ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions and ‘Creative Brainstorming: Crack a Brief in 4 Hours’ workshops to keep your team inspired and creative.

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KVUR's Eunice Hee featured in Campaign Asia's Creative Minds

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We’re proud to share that our very own Associate Creative Director, Eunice Hee, was recently featured in Campaign Asia-Pacific’s Creative Minds series. This prestigious series spotlights standout creative talents making an impact in the advertising industry across Asia.

In this feature, Eunice opens up about working on a campaign with Avril Lavigne, her childhood desire to join the police force, and working on Singapore Airlines as an inaugural role.

Read Eunice’s full Creative Minds feature here.

Crossing Digital Horizons: The Singapore x Saudi JISR Conference explores AI, culture, and sustainability in entertainment

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The JISR Conference, launching Singapore’s first GCC Film Festival, in partnership with SWAPAC, founded by Dr. Dalal AlGhawas and CinePluto, emerged as a vibrant tapestry of discussions, showcasing the synergy between technology and culture. Esteemed sponsors like Ooredoo Kuwait Business, Asyad Shipping, and organizations such as the Middle East Institute – NUS, Singapore Business Federation, Smart Cities Network_ASEAN, and World Future Enterprises, played pivotal roles in bringing this vision to life.

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The event was not just a conference; it was a celebration of cross-cultural collaboration, modern GCC cultures, APAC partnerships, and the brilliance of filmmaking. It provided a platform to explore relevant agendas across both regions, including AI, smart cities, energy transition, food security, and more, fostering a community ready to embark on a journey toward a sustainable and interconnected future.

At the heart of the JISR Film Festival & Conference, a remarkable dialogue unfolded, blending technology, culture, and sustainability. Uma Rudd Chia, KVUR’s Cofounder and Executive Creative Director, shed light on the transformative role of AI in entertainment. She ventured beyond traditional boundaries, navigating through themes of authenticity, collaboration, cultural influence, and the future of art, all under the expansive umbrella of artificial intelligence – part of KVUR’s offerings embedded into our Martech and technology campaign rollout and consultation for clients.

Reflecting on Authenticity and Creativity

Uma’s exploration of authenticity in the digital age challenged the audience to rethink art’s traditional anchors. Through examples like “The Next Rembrandt,” she illuminated AI’s potential to harmonise with human creativity, offering a lens into a future where art transcends its creators’ nature.

Embracing Diverse Voices and Ethics

The dialogue further delved into the critical importance of diversity and ethical considerations in AI-generated content and the need for inclusive AI development to ensure a broad spectrum of expressions and the responsible deployment of AI technologies, underscoring the complex ethical landscape and the necessity for a collaborative approach to oversight.

Economic Impacts and Future Possibilities

Uma examined AI’s dual potential to democratise content creation and its economic implications for the creative industries. Looking ahead, she envisioned AI revolutionising our engagement with art, proposing immersive and interactive experiences that blur the lines between reality and virtuality.

Cultural Preservation through AI

Highlighting AI’s role in cultural preservation, Uma advocated for leveraging technology to document and revive endangered cultural practices and languages, ensuring their enrichment for future generations.

The event was a first of its kind and a success thanks to the sponsors, partners, expert speakers, and attendees who were instrumental in creating a space for meaningful exchange and setting the stage for future collaborations.

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KVUR's Anh Nguyen featured in Campaign Asia's Creative Minds

Campaign Asias Creative Minds copy

We’re proud to share that our very own senior copywriter, Anh Nguyen, was recently featured in Campaign Asia-Pacific’s Creative Minds series. This prestigious series spotlights standout creative talents making an impact in the advertising industry across Asia.

In his feature, Anh opened up about his unique career path switching from consulting to advertising, as well as his creative process and inspirations. As one of our agency’s most innovative creators, Anh always brings fresh ideas and an uplifting spirit to every campaign.

Read Anh’s full Creative Minds feature here.

Coval Technologies partner with KVUR to take their brand to the next level in the US & Asia


We’re delighted to welcome Coval Technologies as our newest client at KVUR. Headquartered in Singapore with a key facility in Houston, Texas, Coval specialises in advanced technology to create durable, sustainable coatings suitable for a variety of surfaces. As they strive to be a global leader in the coatings industry, focusing on innovation and sustainability, KVUR is excited to lead their brand strategy, social and digital work, bringing our creative expertise to strengthen and grow the Coval brand.

KVUR's Uma Rudd Chia and Kylee Vowles forge new paths in Singapore Business Federation's Middle East mission


Last October, our ECD Uma Rudd Chia and Managing Director Kylee Vowles were invited by the Singapore Business Federation to embark on a groundbreaking mission to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. During the trip, Uma and Kylee engaged in meaningful conversations about the distinctive business practices in the Middle East and deepened ties with regional leaders. This enriching experience reinforced KVUR’s commitment to embracing global opportunities and perspectives.

KVUR has been awarded best start-up at the prestigious
Dun & Bradstreet Business Eminence Awards 2023

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We’re thrilled to announce that KVUR has been honoured with the prestigious Dun & Bradstreet Business Eminence Awards Singapore 2023 in the Start-up Category!

This award recognises high business achievers both locally and abroad, offering unprecedented opportunities for growth.

As a start-up, we’re beyond proud to join the ranks of businesses that have thrived even in challenging times.

Coval Technologies partner with KVUR to take their brand to the next level in the US & Asia

Uma Rudd Chia Square

We’re thrilled to share that our trailblazing ECD and Co-Founder Uma Rudd Chia has been invited to join the esteemed Young Guns 21 Jury at The One Club For Creativity. As a visionary with one foot in the future, Uma has identified and nurtured many talents, shaping the creative landscape in Singapore and beyond.

The Young Guns competition has a legacy of unearthing remarkable talents like The Daniels, who penned and directed the Oscar-winning masterpiece ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’. This year’s competition promises a display of exceptional talent, and we can’t wait to witness the sparks of innovation that will define the creativity of tomorrow. Read more about the competition here.

KVUR's latest campaign for Hilton recognised at
The Gerety Awards

Awards 01

“The School Formal You Deserve,” our boundary-pushing project for Hilton in collaboration with LGTBQIA+ youth charity Minus18 has been shortlisted at The Gerety Awards, a prestigious competition that celebrates the best in advertising from a female perspective.

The campaign shed light on the discrimination faced by Australia’s LGBTQIA+ teens and showed how a big corporation like Hilton could step up to make a tangible difference.

We are immensely proud to have our work, which champions the pillars of equality and diversity, acknowledged by the only all-female jury in the advertising industry.

For an in-depth look into this groundbreaking initiative, check out this recent article from Campaign Asia.

KVUR Co-Founders in Campaign Asia International Women’s Day 2023 feature

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In honour of International Women’s Day 2023, Campaign Asia asked female leaders in the marketing communications industry to share their stories of overcoming challenges, breaking stereotypes and how to move the industry forward.

Check out the article here to see what our Co-Founders Kylee Vowles and Uma Rudd Chia had to say.

KVUR brings Hilton and Minus18 together for the groundbreaking Rainbow Formal to support Australia's queer youth


Attending a school formal is a dream turned nightmare for Australia’s queer youth, who can get expelled just for bringing a same-sex partner or dressing in a way that expresses who they truly are.

As the popular venue for school formals, Hilton has the unique opportunity to make a difference.

KVUR uncovered this powerful insight and came up with a brave concept that demonstrated Hilton’s brand promise of a welcoming stay while helping queer teens in Australia have the school formal they deserve.

We helped secure a partnership between Hilton and Minus18, an Australian LGBTQIA+ youth charity that organises queer formals. This partnership demonstrates Hilton’s commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community and helped shine the light on Minus18’s work.

To launch the partnership, we brought celebrities, influencers and allies together for the first-ever Hilton Rainbow Formal gala at Hilton Sydney on 1st March 2023, right at the heart of the Sydney WorldPride celebration.

In six short weeks, KVUR mobilised a team of specialists working across multiple time zones to bring the event to life. Hollywood celebrity and Australian queer icon Ruby Rose came on board as a Hilton brand ambassador, while national music darling and The Voice Australia judge Delta Goodrem performed a private concert. Guests were treated to an exquisite menu specially conceived for the event by Australia’s most celebrated chef, Luke Mangan. And the night was hosted by acclaimed broadcast journalist Hamish Macdonald.

The Hilton Rainbow Formal was Sydney WorldPride’s only rainbow carpet event, widely covered in national TV, print, radio and digital media, including TODAY Show, NOVA FM, The Guardian, Refinery29 and GQ – a global, regional and Australian first for Hilton.

Throughout the event and WorldPride, Hilton achieved 78% positive brand sentiment and outperformed competitors by 4:1.

The Rainbow Formal is just the start of a meaningful partnership between Hilton and Minus18 to give every young person the school formal they deserve. It also underscores Hilton’s commitment to inclusivity and creating a welcoming stay for everyone.

KVUR WINS SME100 BUSINESS AWARD 2022 Singapore's Fast Moving Companies

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KVUR WINS SME100 BUSINESS AWARD 2022 Singapore’s Fast Moving Companies