Coval Technologies

Driving market awareness and acquisition


The Brief

Coval Technologies, an industry leader in surface protection coatings, faced a unique challenge: being a top-tier innovator largely unrecognised in the marketplace. In an industry where the message often gets lost among the noise and the target audience is split into numerous distinct segments, how could Coval stand out, elevate their brand recognition globally and effectively communicate the unique value of their groundbreaking products?

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The Solution

Through comprehensive market segmentation analysis, we identified Coval Technologies’ specific target audiences. This was used to develop strategic insights that led to two campaigns:

Trade Events Campaign: To captivate trade show attendees, we created the Show Stealer concept that demonstrated how Coval’s products transform ordinary floors into eye-catching features. We deployed visually striking print materials and engaging narratives, directly addressing the needs and aspirations of Coval’s audiences.

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Coval Vinyl Social Campaign: This campaign was crafted to highlight the ease, sustainability, and efficiency of Coval Vinyl Coating. Through a series of informative and visually appealing social media posts, we underscored Coval’s commitment to innovation and eco-friendliness, connecting with facility managers and distributors in a more personal, relatable way.

These strategically crafted campaigns not only raised Coval Technologies’ brand profile but also effectively communicated the unique performance advantages of their products in a crowded and diverse market.

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The Results

  • Our integrated marketing approach led to enhanced brand recognition and engagement across various channels. Coval Technologies witnessed a significant boost in audience interactions and an increase in awareness of their innovative surface protection solutions, driving their market expansion goals.