Rebrand Hilton domestic accommodations and offerings as global tourist sites


Work 20

The Brief

As the hotel industry was hit hard by travel bans during the pandemic, the Hilton family of hotels wanted to leverage the loosening of domestic travel restrictions in Japan, Australia, Malaysia and Thailand to sell their rooms to local travellers. But how do you convince people who don’t see the point in visiting their own backyard to make the trip with Hilton?


Tapping into Google search data, we found the most searched overseas holiday destinations in each target market and created a campaign that made locals feel as though they were visiting their favourite overseas spot with Hilton, all without leaving their country.

Then we utilised a Google Al algorithm to match local spots in each country with attractive overseas holiday destinations, uploaded by Internet users.

We used these images to create the perfect campaign – Travel the World in (Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand) with Hilton. Each time someone in Australia searched for wine in Bordeaux, they were served a content film that directed them to Bordeaux-like vineyard scenes in Hunter Valley, Australia. Similar juxtapositions were created – Machu Picchu in Thailand, Hawaii in Koh Samui, Canadian Autumn in Japan and more. 16 original content were multiplied into over 75 hyper-personalised content pieces using YouTube Director Mix in response to each country’s local search requests.

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  • 30 million video views
  • Beat cost-per-view and view-through benchmarks in every market by 83% on Google Programmatic Ads and 67% on Facebook
  • 386,000 qualified traffic to website
  • First hospitality brand to test YouTube Director Mix optimisation for conversion in APAC
  • First campaign to test new ad tech for Hilton, delivering 297% more effectiveness than other ad formats