Helping Mercer achieve sales and marketing targets through targeted B2B campaigns


The Brief

Mercer was on a mission to revamp their B2B lead generation for HR and Data Training services. Amidst a crowded market with competitors matching their price and perceived value, Mercer needed a strategy to not only stand out but also to showcase the distinct advantage their services could offer businesses.

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The Solution

We started with deep-dive research to truly understand what drives Mercer’s audience and what holds them back. Armed with these insights, we rolled out two targeted campaigns:

Mercer Learning Campaign: Using clever visual metaphors, we highlighted the pivotal role of effective compensation in enhancing productivity and job satisfaction. The campaign addressed common HR challenges with a touch of humour, making Mercer’s solutions relatable and engaging.

Mercer Layout Final

Mercer Year-End Campaign: We crafted sharp LinkedIn ads spotlighting Mercer’s HR & Business Management tools, focusing on the power of accurate HR data to shape business strategies for 2024. The copy was crisp, the visuals were attention-grabbing, and the promotions hit right at the year-end needs of HR professionals.

Through these campaigns, Mercer’s unique selling points were communicated with memorable visuals and smart storytelling.

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The Results

  • The campaigns led to a significant boost in LinkedIn visibility and interactions, effectively drawing more traffic to Mercer’s offerings and surpassing their sales and marketing goals.