Branded & Launched The Ascott Limited’s Latest 5 Star Offering – The Robertson House


The Brief

The Robertson House is the newest gem in Ascott’s prestigious Crest Collection in the vibrant heart of Singapore. As it enters a market teeming with modern hospitality experiences, The Robertson House sought to forge a distinct identity in a highly competitive location well known for its slew of hospitality and dining establishments. The challenge: to honour the storied colonial history of Singapore while captivating the discerning modern traveller. How could it celebrate the past yet satisfy the refined tastes of today’s guests? The branding needed to extend beyond the hotel itself, with a cohesive and engaging look and microsite for its restaurant, Entrepôt, and its clandestine bar, Chandu.

Robertson Logo Final 02

The Solution

We began with a comprehensive strategic analysis, diving into the competitive landscape of Singapore’s hospitality market. This was essential to determine the target audience and a unique value proposition that would set The Robertson House apart. Following this, we facilitated a series of workshops with key stakeholders, where we collaboratively uncovered the brand’s purpose, personality, values and traits. These workshops were pivotal in aligning the vision for the brand and laying the foundation for the narrative.

The narrative we crafted for The Robertson House is one of a place ‘caught in time’, where guests can experience the allure of the colonial era woven seamlessly with the comforts of modern luxury. This story is not just told but is felt throughout the guest experience, from the ambience to the service, encapsulating a journey back to the days of grandeur without leaving the present.

With the narrative in place, our creative team developed a rich brand identity for the hotel and its F&B venues. Every element – from the logo to the colour palette, the typography and the tone of voice – was deliberately chosen to reflect the historical charm and sophistication of the brand. For the hotel, the branding evokes a sense of heritage with a modern twist, appealing to both history buffs and contemporary travellers


Entrepôt, the hotel’s restaurant, and Chandu, its speakeasy, each received a bespoke branding treatment that complements the overall identity of The Robertson House while telling their own unique stories. Collateral materials such as name cards, menus, and bill folders were created with the same attention to detail and consistency in branding.


To complete the branding experience, we launched a microsite that serves as a digital threshold for Entrepôt. This microsite not only provides information but also immerses potential guests in the narrative and aesthetic of the brand, inviting them to book their journey back in time.


The Results

  • The Robertson House was fully booked upon launch, indicating a resonating brand appeal.
  • Entrepôt received acclaim in Business Times for its inventive fusion of Chinese and European cuisine.
  • Brand identity seamlessly integrates the heritage of Singapore with the finesse of modern luxury.